Hamscher Homestead

Did, I move to a Rainforest??

Some of the “grass” around the pond is now MUCH taller then I am… YIKES!! Dontcha, just wonder what lurks in there?? I know at times I sure do!!

The furries, have been enjoying the nicer weather, because a week of A/C is more then they can handle. They miss all the noises from the birds and the breezes too. Even Penelope was out, (middle) checking what was going on..

With all the rain… some volunteers have showed up…. in the way of Flowers. Always in super weird places. The black eye susan is over by the steps down to the pond and this lily is not far from there… Wonder what else the rain will encourage to grow in all my sand?? I can say the trees have been also going crazy, forgot to get a picture, maybe next week!


a FUN vistor to the pond this morning… take a close look at the right corner of the picnic table…

A Heron

And we all know what it stopped by for… Thankful for the fish and the cool water. Happy we have plenty of both!!

Did anyone notice what was missing from yesterday’s card?? Any guesses?? Check back tomorrow for another hint?? HUMMMM

But above all, Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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