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Deer Junior and Welcome Fall to the Homestead

Deer Junior and Welcome Fall

Deer Junior and Welcome Fall

This has been a super busy week on the Homestead, With Joe working on other things and going back to work. No updates on the painting this week. However, Deer Junior and Welcome Fall is what I have to share. There are three Deer butts in this photo. Momma and the twins were foraging on the other side of the pond. Poor Joe missed it. He was down by the pond. I am ALWAYS grateful to see all the critters. Yes, even the fox up by the chicken coop. That was a few weeks ago. They were actually back there for several minutes.

Deer Junior and Welcome Fall

With the temperatures getting cooler, Junior is really second guessing things. This is actually as close to an open door that he has ever been. (doesn’t the deck look great)

He is just crying for attention.

We are not outside as much. I feel bad for him but I also hope that he figures out that it is time to come inside. Fingers crossed and a little prayer to St. Francis that he just decides to join the inside bunch!

Although, I am saying Welcome to Fall. The Summer decorations needed to be taken down, and lots of cleanup needed to be done. I however did not do much moving of things. All the leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows have be carried from the basement. Now to get up all those pretties. More on that next week. Donnie is enjoying the new rug that I found for a STEAL!! I caught both him and Clyde just watching me adding all the bazillion leaves to this table and that.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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