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Decorations, Cuddles and a Trip to Michigan.

Decorations, Cuddles and a Trip

Decorations, Cuddles and a Trip

This week is all about Decorations, Cuddles and a Trip to Michigan for me. Up first is Fall decorations. Joe was home this time. He was shocked how quick it all comes together. I was short a few things that needed to be picked up later in the week. However, that was put on the back burner due to my pending trip. Here is the last thing that I did. Grabbing one of the oak rounds that Joe cut several weeks ago. Needing a riser for is I grabbed one of the shorter limbs that I cut a couple weeks ago. That is where it started. All the other things I had. Acorns, squash, pumpkins and flowers of course.

So you see her??

Did you know that I have an Angel in EVERY room of my house?? Yes, I sure do. In some cases several. My mom started sharing her Angels and what a better memory to have when I walk around the house. Some I had even given her. The one here is just that. Humm, check back next week because I should have the mantel done., Need to go looking around in the woods for a few things first.

First up here is Cuddles. She was snoopervising my planting. Yes, she is half in the bird bath and half on the stump. I have no idea. She sure is silly!! Second here is Junior. Believe it or not he is sitting in my lap. I was super excited. He has been much more snugly lately. All about the attention. Humm, sound familiar?? I bet it does. He will be in the house before you know it. Joe told me that it was up to Mr. Bigglesworth and Cuddles. What do you think??

Decorations, Cuddles and a Trip

Over the past weekend I went up to Michigan for another stamping adventure. It sure was nice to see some old friends and make a few new ones too. I was grateful to be asked and thankful for my teams help so that Stampin’ Bingo was all ready to go for me when I got home.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Decorations, Cuddles and a Trip

Ohhh, one last thing. I could not leave Joe home all alone with out cookies.

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