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Day Two Treat ideas, using January Paper Pumpkin

Day two Treat idea

Day Two Treat ideas

I am so excited about Day Two Treat ideas. Today we are going to be using the January Paper Pumpkin kit. If you ahve not joined us for this crafty box of goodies. This just might be what you need to see!! Ohh and this is a two for…

Day Two Treat ideas

Here is the easy one… this one uses the Kisses & Hugs mini treat boxes. Not just one though. I attached the two together. For more chocolate goodness of course!! Used a mini clothes pin for the top. The heart and gold cord are included in the treat kit. I could so see this one a table as a favor for a wedding or any anniversary. Especially a golden anniversary. Did I mention that there are 20 in a kit??

Day Two Treat ideas

Here is my second idea. This one uses the actually paper pumpkin kit. This kit is a tri-fold card kit. All you need to do is cut one heart off and glue the bottom of the heart to create the pocket. However, I did add one of the Heart Punch pack hearts. I felt that the white and gold foil heart was kinda plan. Can you see what I did with that “XOXO”?? hahaha, It is from the envelope scraps. The perfect no stamping necessary sentiment.

Day Two Treat ideas

Check this out… it easily holds three chocolates. I will share that you could fix a Peanut Butter cup, Gift Card, cash and so much more inside. Tell me… What would you want inside?? Can you say Diamond please?? haha. Yeah, I know… Not going to happen. Get your refill here.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Febuary PP sneak peek

Join us next month for a fun Safari with Paper Pumpkin!!


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