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Date Blooms and a trip to Michigan, update.

Wednesday Joe decided we needed a date day and he bribed me with brownies. Today is about Date Blooms and a trip to Michigan plus and update. Doesn’t that brownie look great?? So regular brownie topped with melted semi sweet chips, powders sugar and a little bit of whip cream. This was enjoyed on the deck listening to the frogs.

Then Thursday morning we went out to breakfast and a bit of antiquing and other shopping.

Here was my fun find of the day!! I was super excited to find it too. I have never seen anything like this before. Let me add that it is bigger then it looks. The inside of the “water can” is 11” long. It was fun to just drive around and have some fun.

Well the tulips decided to show up. And let me say there are more then I remember. However, I have planted several through the years. I am guessing that is adding to the soon to be show. With that though, the Daffodils are not ready to quit just yet!! These three are located under the big oak off the driveway in the front yard. Dontcha love the orange in the middle… sooo cute!!

With Joe home to supervisor the kitties, I made a trip up to Michigan to visit a friend. Let me say that late nights, shenanigans and crafts are always on the agenda!! Although the chatting is always my favorite. Nancy took me to an amazing consignment shop where I found the PERFECT new painting for the house.

Guys, Joe even liked it… so happy that I found it!! Yes, I did buys it!! Now to find the perfect spot for it. At first I was thinking between the windows in our bedroom. It is too big for that spot. Hummm.

Lastly, is the update on Butterfly. No kittens yet. Geez, she sure is taking her good old sweet time. The poor thing is getting bigger and Joe is now saying that there are 7 kittens. He at first said 3. YIKES!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Check back tomorrow for the start of the Share information!!

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