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Darlas Flowering Zinnia Seed

Are you thinking about Mother’s Day yet?? Apparently someone is already. Check out Darlas Flowering Zinnia Seed for 3D Thursday this week. She has come up with a super cute holder that works perfectly with the Flowering Zinnia paper.

This could be a fun way to send some seeds to a friend for their birthday or even no reason at all. Are you looking for a different way to give a gift card too?? You can attach it to the back of the seed packet. I could soo see this with more than one packet too. Ohh, this with the Perennial Lavender paper too. Add in some Lavender seeds. DANG!!

You already know that you can get the tutorial for FREE from the 3D Thursday facebook page, right?? Well I hope that you head on over there and leave some love too!!

I do have to say that this one looks pretty easy. I think that the hardest part is figuring out the decorating. Ohh come on, you know that it is. Be honest. Which DSP, what shaped dies, ribbon (do I have any??) and do not forget the embellishments. So many beautiful choices. I do get very excited about Mother’s Day. I have several friends that I give things too also. Usually for my Mom, I get her flowers. Now I have to think of something else. I know I will.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you try this one!!

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