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Darla has 3D Thursday Reuse a bottle treat

Darla has 3D Thursday Reuse a Bottle

This week I am excited to hear what you guys think about this idea!! Darla has 3D Thursday Reuse a bottle treat that is soo fun. Please be sure to head on over to the 3D Thursday facebook page and leave her some love. However, first I have a question…

Do you love Candy Corn??

Ohhh, I know this is a you either love it or you hate it candy. I have to admit that I kinda love it. Do not worry though because you can put ANYTHING inside this jar…

I love it, don’t you?? What a simple but super fun idea. Guys, this is a Frappuccino bottle, washed and ready to reuse. Do not worry, Darla has the step by step instructions. I have ALL the supplies to make this too… I know a few little cuties that would love this as a candy treat for Halloween. Hummm, I bet you do too!!

I want o point out that not only did she use the adhesive sheets. So smart, right?? Now to remember, hahaha. But to give the ‘Boo’ more presence she stacked 5 on top of each other. Soo smart. I like the thick look of it and you see all Pumpkin Pie in the stack. What do I mean?? Well, if you were to use only two and put the foam adhesive sheets between it would be white in between. I think this way is soo much better. What do you think??

A Huge Thank You to Darla for a fun idea this week. Hummm, I wonder what will be next?? Did you see my 3D Thursday idea? Check it out HERE. That little pumpkin box would look super cute with this too!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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