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Daffodils, Tulips and maybe kittens coming?

Daffodils Tulips and maybe kittens

What a great way to start the week… check out how close we are to having a wave of color! These little beauties are on the other side of the pond. The area I call the back forty. There are just under 400 bulbs planted back there. It is really getting so darn close.

There are a bunch of daffodils at this stage, left photo. I also found several buried under a huge mound of oak leaves, as always I will share more next week!

Here is a little shining star. This is one of three Primrose. I had never had these spring bloomers. I was however, shown the light by my neighbor Judy. These are one of her favorites.

Remember this view from two weeks ago? There is no walking past these sprouts now. Plus the daffodils that are on the end look amazing! Plus later I found a Squill flower. I forgot that I planted some of those. They are a super cute little purple and white flower. Lots more to come! Including Grape Hyacinth flowers!

One more plant thing… the growth with all of the rain we have been getting is going to make my trees soo very happy! The buds on the fruit trees are swollen too!

This is the little one that we have been keeping tabs on. Well, guess what… yup, kittens. Joe has been calling her the little school bus. Goodness know how many are in there. No, I do not think the wait is going to be long! I am happy to say that she has been hanging out inside. I am super happy that we will be able to help and get to know them! Well, hopefully! Any guesses how many babies?

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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