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Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters to explore.

Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters

Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters

This week is about Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters. Cuddles decided that she wanted to join me at the craft table earlier this week. Just to hang out. However, I do think she liked snoopervising. She was there for a few minutes. I am happy that she is liking being inside more and more. A lot less crying at the door.

So, with that last bout of rain. The latest humidity too. This vine has started to produce some flowers. According to my ID app, it is a field pumpkin. However, I am not so sure. thoughts?? I can say whatever it is going to be there will be quit a few. The Bees and Hummingbirds have hit the higher flowers several times.

Fingers crossed!!

I could use some free pumpkins! Fall decorating will be starting very soon!!

Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters

Yup, the popcorn maker has been fired up again. The supplies are replenished and so has the butter. Yes, you bet I use butter.

That is why it is soooo YUMMY!!

I believe that it really is better to go with the real thing then oil. I am also thankful that Costco has butter in a 4 pound pack. You better believe that we go all out here. If you have been here you know. If not, just saying, you should!!

Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters

While moving things on the deck the other day. I found this little guy. So any idea, Frog or Toad?? I think it is a tree frog. I say that because there was a little bit of green on the inside thigh. It is a good guess. But I do not know for sure. He was hanging out on my chair. Enjoying the morning. No he was not harmed. I moved him to the adjacent flower pot.

Hugs everyone and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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