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Cuddles and finally some snow plus more kitties.

Cuddles and finally some snow

You guessed it, this week is all about Cuddles and finally some snow. Starting of course with Cuddles. She is after all the great white hunter, haha. She was out there trying to get those voles. I hate to admit I really do want her to catch them. They dig up the yard and get inside the pen of the chicken coop. Unfortunately she was not successful. So she came inside and fell asleep under the Christmas tree. She sure looks tough here doesn’t she??

Cuddles and finally some snow

Finally the snow…

After Christmas but it did finally get here. At first we were suppose to get over 8 inches. Yeah well that sure did not happen. I will admit that I sure was hopeful. I know not everyone else was, however it is January. Anyway, it has stuck around and we are hopeful for more. S O O N!!

Cuddles and finally some snow

It really was pleasant to enjoy Sunday morning coffee with Grandma’s cookies, and the snow!! The bird feeders were all a bustle too. Joe added a couple little ledges to the family room windows. They are just big enough for kitty butts.

I was sad because I just missed getting the photo of the brothers watching the birds together. Donnie will watch for long long minutes. He was “hiding” from the birds in this photo. Clyde was just too exhausted to keep watching. Guys, it has been a fun filled week. I look forward to sharing more next week.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

January PP peek

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  • Paula+Poindexter

    Always love news of the kitties. Makes me smile.
    That snow? Uh…not so much.
    I know! I know! Whatever…

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