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Crunch Crunch….

Joe is home AND….

Ohhh YES!! He made the first batch of caramel popcorn… Sorry but my fingers are just toooo sticky!! Crunch Crunch CRUNCH!! Guys he is home for the next 9 days… hummm, do you think we will be getting into trouble?? I can pretty much guarantee it! Check back on Monday to see what has been going on here. Well, besides pop corn eating!!

Ohhh, one more thing! Are you on Facebook?? If you are you will want to head over and see what is going on in the…

This is an invite only event!! And if you are half as much of a shopper as I am… Now even more so… this is a great way to have some fun while doing it! Even in your jammies!! My friends and I would love for you to check out what we have going on … play along, maybe even win a prize!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

get in on the sunshine!


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