Crazy wildlife and a flower

Now, after seeing the perfect peony and getting the perfect picture…


Yup, that amazing peony was sitting on my kitchen counter for two whole days. It was joined by some old roses from Joe’s grandmother and a dark pink peony. The kitchen smelled AMAZING and made me smile each time I looked at it. BUT….

While running around in the house, this weird thing caught my attention. We live in sand so… we see it everywhere. But not there… you see in the first shot that is a very nice grass section. What the heck is messing up my grass?? Upon further inspection there were actually three. One very large head like mound and then two much smaller ones.

Conclusion?? It was ants. We have gotten a TON of rain lately. The ants must be moving to higher ground. Who knows, BUT….

Here is when things get crazy!! My phone rang and it was the neighbor across the street. After quietly exiting my house and QUIETLY walking towards the street, this is what quickly strolled past me, a fox. I stood still once it came over the small hill and took these two pictures.

Honestly, this never gets old!!

While making coffee this morning, and daydreaming out at the pond, something was walking…. a momma duck and I think 5 babies. She took them around the pond and up the hill back to the nest somewhere.

Stay tuned, see what this week brings…. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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