Hamscher Homestead

Could it be, signs of Spring?

But first and update…

For those that inquired and worried. The pen area for the chickens is once again secure. The smaller gauge wire is secured ever so fancy. Yes those orange zip ties, do the trick!!

Even the kitties have enjoyed having the windows cracked open. Snuggling together and all. From left to right, White Sox and Mooch, Penelope and Gabby (sister), Mr Bigglesworth.

Here are some interesting prints… the top possible Duck?? and the lower come of find out is a dog. However, the dog owner has officially been advised of the coming consequences, if this is to happen AGAIN. I hear you… The paw prints were located on the back driveway over on the chicken coop side of the house. In short, keep the dog on your property!!

Sorry for the rant…

Meanwhile, here are the sign of spring that I referred too!!

I can not wait for the Cleveland Pear and Cherry Blossom to bloom. SOOOOO, many flower buds!! Additionally I have HUGE clumps of tulips!! Lastly, my daffodil is also showing buds.

I had an assistant.

I do not know how much help White Sox gave, but …. Almost 40 birthday cards and thank you cards made it to the mailbox on Monday. PHEW!! Now to get more stamps. So that I can send MORE!! Have you sent any mail lately?? Happy Mail that is?? I sure hope so!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

i will share the cards later this week… But in case you want to check things out…


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