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Cookies inside Flowers and Decorations peek

Cookies inside Flowers and Decorations

Cookies inside Flowers and Decorations

Here we are at Monday again… This week on the Homestead has been filled with Cookies inside Flowers and Decorations. Starting Things off was Joe and his Ginger Cookies. He wanted to be sure that my sister knew that he loved them. He also wanted to say thank you! I was working in the craft room and be brought me as plate. They were actually pretty good. Now to find where I can get the package again. Why?? Because Joe does not typically back. Remember the “rolls” from Thanksgiving?? Disaster!!

But he has many other GREAT qualities!

Guys, I am soo excited!! Sherri gave me starts from her “Christmas” cactus. Check out that flower!! Apparently it loves this window!! When I took this photo there were four other buds. Now I have two huge flowers. I was soo very grateful for you sharing those starts with me!! Hugs Sherri!

Secondly is Amaryllis bulbs. I have my fingers crossed that we will have flowers for Christmas this year. I did not start them on time last year. If I remember correctly there was red, pink and red and white plus pink and white. I very well could be wrong about the colors. Hopefully we will find out soon!!

Lastly is a peek at the Christmas decorations. I am almost done with the inside. The above is a peek at a few of the arrangements that I have put together. Now to move to the outside. Joe has decided to take a corner in the foyer for his own project. Yes, I will share… when it is done. Fingers crossed!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula Poindexter

    Love flowers! Inside and out!!!
    Your house is looking like you are expecting company soon! A party perhaps?
    Excited to see what Joe comes up with.

    • Whispers In Ink

      Ohh always a part going on here… I am excited for the Inky Whisper Sisters Team meeting on Saturday!

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