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Coffee Cats Window Joe, ohhh NO!

Coffee Cats Window Joe

Coffee Cats Window and Joe

I know I am a day late, but… Didn’t you love that hop!! Missed it?? OHHH no, click here. Today is about Coffee, Cats, Window, Joe’s incident with the Tractor. I am super excited to share that now “Junior” only wants to eat on the bench. Joe usually sits on the concrete with him. Well, he has moved up in the world. haha. I like that he is hoping up on the bench even before I am done scooping the food. YEAH!!

Coffee Cats Window Joe

White Sox has decided that he can lay in the treehouse. That was actually Gabby’s spot. And I know he misses her still. There are places that he will not lay, yet. Why?? because that was her spot. White Sox started sleeping in here 3 days ago.

Coffee Cats Window Joe

Well, this thing will soon be installed in the craft room. Along with three new lights in the ceiling. However, in true Joe fashion, all the stuff needs to be moved out. You guys have seen my craft room, ohhh Korine we have LOTS of work on Thursday. Any one else want to come and help out?? pleeeease!! More organizing in my future!! yeah, haha.

Yes, this is what was the pond, sad!! Joe was down working on leveling things out… and I saw him up in front grabbing the truck. Did not think anything of it, until…. That tractor is STUCK!! How you can tell is that back wheel. You can NOT see the lower half, yikes!! Yes, the mower is stuck too. Which of course made it that much harder to get out.

Ohhhh Joe..

This has happened before and the man has skills! He can always gets it out. How I have no idea!! This one took some time… over 40 minutes. I do recall a time that we had to call a tow truck. That however was before any trucks were on the property. I know Dad is laughing.. He saw the photos when it happened, but …

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula Poindexter

    No really funny but….Joe does have a knack…
    Oh handsome Junior is coming around.
    White Sox is working through his grief. Just needs time.
    And the window!!! Excited for the window!

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