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Closets, Fairs and Fall

Last week started kinda slow, but with Joe’s long weekend coming up and moving day creeping in I hope. The closet was all my job. I had the task of figuring out how to put it back. The old way just did not make sense to me! However, I did not want to purchase too much more! Adding one and moving the line of shelves what my first attempt. Making more for dresses and another place to pile things. Ta-DUH!!

Joe and I picked up blinds, curtains, new small lamps and even new curtain rods. Although we still need to get trim. With the cooler weather here there are a few outsides thing that still need to be done.

I did want to mention that I had a GREAT day meeting several new folks this last Saturday!! Welcome to my crafty page.

Lastly, I made time yesterday to pull out the fall decorations. I know, this should have been done two weeks ago!! However, with all the construction dust, it was NOT a good idea!! Notice anything familiar in here?? Comment below if you see it!

Did you notice the new header?? If not scroll back up to the top!!

Happy Fall! Give Thanks!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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