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Christmas Decorations on the Homestead, WOW!

Christmas Decorations on the Homestead

Soo, here we are with all the Christmas Decorations on the Homestead. Starting with the tree. Joe and I went to the local Christmas Tree farm, Hensler’s to find out perfect tree. So many possibilities. We went with a smaller nettle this year. It was a nice day, thankfully. What do you think??

After two attempts to get enough lights. It is complete. There are 800 lights on this thing. It was Joe’s idea for the multicolored lights. Which I thought would be fun, however… I had none. Took a guess at how many we would need. Yup, I guessed too low. Not only that but we had a bad string too. It took a week to get this complete. The kittens both love the tree. Joe even added the train underneath. That has been fun to watch also. I am going to say, knock on wood, that the boys have been very good. No climbing the tree. Although that being said, there are no ornaments this year. Just to be sure.

Donnie, said he likes the train best. They do however take turns under the tree.

I was super excited when Joe asked if I wanted to put up the village this year. Especially when he said that he would add thin wood to the top of the cabinets. So I started with the old hutch, then moved around the kitchen. First figuring out what trees were going to fit above the cabinets. I will add that I did NOT use all the pieces that I have. Shocking I am sure, but… still need to find room for the rest, next year maybe.

Holiday Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Holdiay Christmas card going out

Finally, almost 150 cards out in the mail TODAY!! I am sure they will be late, but I look forward to hearing from everyone!! I hope soon!!


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