Hamscher Homestead

Christmas Decorations inside the Homestead

Christmas Decorations inside the Homestead

Christmas Decorations inside the Homestead

It is getting later, but I still have a few more touches to add to the outside. Today is all about Christmas Decorations inside the Homestead. No not all of them, however, A LOT!!. This first photo was how I ended my day yesterday. The outside was neglected for sure!! Not any more though. Check back next week. I am sure it will be done by then. Here is what you came to see…

I am sorry this is not all the decoration, however, several key areas. I usually start with the fireplace, but not this year. After the village was all put up, top right. I actually struggled with what I wanted to do. Do you do this?? or are you one that likes the same every year?? Me, I like it different. I can say that so far, so good with different. No I do not go out and buy a ton of new stuff each year. I watch for deals, sales and resale shops. Plus as you know, I make a lot of my decor.

Middle top is the kitchen table. I will say that this was one of the last things done. Second to the crafty room which is the bottom right photo. I think my favorite spot here is the bottom left photo. I have put this tree in the foyer before, but never here. This is the slimmest tree that I have and it fits perfectly here. I did have to removed and use a few things in other spots. Although my angels there are my favorites. All three that are in that photo are metal. One from my mom and the two others are from my friends little “rethunk” shop. I hope you enjoy this look see.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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