Hamscher Homestead

Chicks, seeds and Luna

The six baby chicks are out with the big girls…

Just sooo dang cute!!

White Crested Blue Polish is what they are called. I am almost positive that there are 2 roosters (maybe 3), which will go to the auction once I am sure which of the six. Earlier this weekend I could make out a new crow in the coop, we shall see! Before we know it, they will be adding beautiful eggs to the collection each day!

Okay, funny story….

while pulling weeds, well, only the tall ones, this thought popped in my head.. all this ground is freshly turned. I have seeds….. hummmm, down to my seed collection, pulled all my perennial seeds…. dumping them in a container and spread them ALL!!

The whole bag you see above… and there are coneflowers, black eyed susans, salvia, daisies, poppies and more then I can remember. Joe was saying that it was expected to rain for almost a week, sooo, what did I have to lose, NOTHING!! fingers crossed!!

The battle is on with this stump… after three days of working, meanwhile it is only this far. More burning in Joe’s future. Meanwhile, it was garbage day and this tree frog did not win a trip to the street .

Have been lucky enough to see a Luna Moth before?? Several, have visited the Homestead. They are large actually, well compared to a butterfly. I had not seen one prior to moving here. Treasures!

Another, super busy week here, more tomorrow.

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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