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Chicks Kitties and Eggs to start the week…

Chicks Kitties and Eggs

Chicks Kitties and Eggs.

Starting off the week with Chicks Kitties and Eggs. Ohh but there is always more… Right?? Joe was home the last part of the week, yeah. He decided that Mooch needed a new friend. This little cutie needed someone warm. Yes, they both feel asleep for over 3 hours. I did keep tabs on things, trust me. Snoopervisor and chick sitter, wonder what his next title will be.

Chicks Kitties and Eggs

I am happy to report that both White Sox and Penelope have been sharing. Nicely too! The heated kitty bed. There are times that Penelope is NOT happy about it. However, she does not get nasty about it.

They will not need to fight over the heated bed for long. The weather is taking a nice turn the early part of this week. YEAH!!

Chicks Kitties and Eggs

Is it a kittie?? hummm,

I can tell you that it is not… this opossum however has been eating the kitty food on the porch. I have had to take drastic measures actually. Why?? Because Cuddles is due any second and I want to keep her fed. I moved the dishes up to the top of the Princess Palace. That worked for a few days. Now when no one is home… the dishes get put up so no one can reach them. Good thing the Flutter by Studio is on the front of the house. I really do see most of the coming and going.

Chicks Kitties and Eggs

The egg basket as gained its color. Can Not wait to see what the new babies will add!! It will take a few months, but soo excited!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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