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Chicks Kittens and loads of flowers going on

Chicks Kittens and loads of flowers

This last weekend I went to pick up my baby chicks. Ten more bundles of joy brought to the homestead. This week is about Chicks Kittens and loads of flowers. These little cuties are a great addition and much needed. Without a Rooster I can not hatch out my own eggs. Thankful to have a friend that also needed chicks. I was able to get 3 – Faverolle Pullets (girls), 4 – Easter Eggers Pullets and 3 – Mille Fleur straight run. A straight run means that you get what you get, could be all roosters, could be all hens but a mix of them is typical. Fingers crossed that we have ONE rooster.

Clyde and Donnie are enjoying having some new friends. They have been taking turns ‘babysitting’ the chicks. I put the tub on the floor in the craft room unsure of what would happen. They are curious but not dangerous. Thankfully!!

Butterfly knows that things are about to get serious. These little monsters eyes have opened and the crazy is about to begin. They are beginning to wash themselves too. It is soo fun watching then get soo big already!! 11 days old, fat and happy!!

Here is the last of Things. With soo many pretties I knew that I needed to share all that color. The creeping phlox, buds on the Magnolia, primrose, tulips and daffodils. Peony buds, Crabapple tree, apple tree, the last flush of daffodils out back and the Ninebark bush out by the chicken coop. Pretty much everywhere you look there is something blooming. Not shown is the Rudbud tree, the Forsythia bush random tulips in pink, red, yellow and white.

Joe and I are talking about fall bulb planting already. I am super excited!! So much more pretties to be had. He wants to add some to the ‘hill’ that is just past the three evergreens. Plus more in the flower beds up front. He really liked that daffodil in the center above. I think that is my favorite too. However the ONE tulip for me is from last weeks post. That orange/yellow double dang that is a WINNER!!

Looking forward to sharing more stuff from the homestead next week.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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