Hamscher Homestead

Chicks, Chickens and Flowers at the Homestead.

Chicks Chickens and Flowers

Chicks, Chickens and Flowers.

Just a peak at the new Chicks, Chickens and Flowers that are all fancy on the Homestead. Yes, they have hatched and what the big girls have to say about it.

Starting off with the chicks from the first incubator hatch. These two have been outside for over two weeks now… ohhh, how the time flies!! I removed the divider on Saturday evening. There was chasing and pecking, but not to much. No clue as of yet, if they are hens or roosters.

I promise to keep you posted!

Here is the second incubator hatch… Just two again. These two are from white eggs. So Polish and a cross for the other. Only one has a true mop head. I woke up to the first one in the incubator on Saturday morning. The second had just a small hole in the shell and about three hours later I got a text from Joe that it had hatched.

These two started out super noisy… moved the heat plate down. I must have found the perfect spot because we are back to super quiet chicks! You would not know they are even in here.

LuLu decided that she was going to try and hatch some eggs. Normally I would have just taken them, but Joe and I both forgot to grab eggs for two days and decided since I was having no luck with the brown eggs in the incubator that maybe this was the way to go… who knows!!

Chicks Chickens and Flower

Freckles however thinks it is all bologna!! LuLu did not want to deal with the drama of Jazzy, because he was getting just a little to frisky!

Hamscher Homestead Hibiscus

How wonderful to be greeted at the walk by these beauties!! The flower itself is bigger then my hand opened wide. AMAZING!! These flowers have really grown in number this year too… There are no more then 5 in bloom at a time and all are equally as large. Just Breathtaking!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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