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Chicks and more babies, ohhh my goodness

Chicks and more babies

Chicks and more babies

Can you believe it the Chicks and more babies too. Holy Cow they have gotten soo big. They really need to move outside, but the crazy weather the last few days has me kinda nervous about it. I decided that they will have an adventure on Tuesday and then again on Friday. Friday could be for good. I know I can put the warmer out there, but… it really seems too soon. Plus they have been moving the screen around too. I know I know it is time.

Chicks and more babies

I am overprotective and I know it. That comes from loosing a few I guess. Yes, it is part of farm life. Does not mean I have to like it. I do look forward to seeing what happens when they do go outside. I know they will love it. More room and easier to dust bath in the sand.

Chicks and more babies

You guys remember Cuddles, right?? Well, I am sure you remember me talking about how we knew she was pregnant. However, it has been a while since I have talked about it. Here is the story. Last week when Joe was on his long weekend we decided to more stuff around. The dump truck, boat and broken down vehicles too.


I was actually super sad, two weeks ago. I love have kittens in the house. They are soo fun and happy. Drunken sailors at three weeks and running around at 5 weeks. It has been just too long. Anyway, Cuddles was no longer pregnant. She did not share those babies with us or the neighbor either. Now, back to last week. Reminder, all those items that were moved. She was frantic back and forth on the porch Wednesday night. I could not figure out why. Thursday Joe went to work and was giving Cuddles some attention and guess what. She had milk.

OHHH boy, where were they…

So after meetings in the morning. I went on a walk with Cuddles. We went back to where Joe moved the Dump truck and boat. Guess what I found….

Chicks and more babies

This photo was after getting them in the house and all situated. Oh, you guys they are fat and going to be sassy. I do believe that they are both girls. We will have to wait and see. Welcome to the homestead babies.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    It will be strange once the littles are moved outside! I call them the littles or little peepers.
    Those tiny kittens are soooooooo cute! And cuddles is a good mom and very protective. I will be the one guest that only looks and doesn’t touch. But only because of my allergies!
    Thanks for sharing your farm life with us!

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