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Chicks a Bench and Gardening all in one week.

Chicks a Bench and Gardening

Chicks a Bench and Gardening

Can you believe this weeks is about Chicks a Bench and Gardening. Of course I am going to start with the Chicks. You have not seen too much on them yet. These four little cuties are two Blue Sapphires and two Sillkies. They have had a fun adventure this week. How?? Well, they were getting too big for the little tub that I had them in. So, out to the coop they went. Now do not worry, they are separated from the Big Girls. As you can see they are safe. Joe has yet to remove the winter plywood. Which is a bonus at the moment.

Curious about these breeds?? I am excited the Blue Sapphires lay olive colored eggs. Yes, dark green!! And NO dad the eggs do not taste any different. Although, I would say that they taste better then store bought.

However, that is my opinion.

Any way, I have had a couple of Silkies before. These white ones sure have a ton of foot feathers. I look forward to seeing if they are boys or girls. Finger crossed of course that at least one is girl.

Chicks a Bench and Gardening

Here is Joe hard at work. I will say, thankfully that he did get done all they projects that I asked. This one however, I was not sure. When he pulled out the chainsaw and the tractor, I knew it was serious. Joe pulled a nice piece of oak, one of the ones that was lost in the storm last year. The first thing he did was cut it length wise down the middle. Here is the thing you guys. The over 50 inch section HAD to be lifted by the tractor.

That sat for a few days.

First, Joe straightened out the first cut. Second he smoothed out the surface. Lastly, he flipped it over and notched for the legs. I thought it was super cool to watch. Just to give you a little reference. the “legs:” are 16 inches round.

Chicks a Bench and Gardening

Now, do not look at the grass and weeds. I still have this garden to work on. That tree truck behind the bench sure looks like dwarf, right?? I can promise that this will be all cute and ready for planting AND decorating very soon!!

Chicks a Bench and Gardening

Yes, I have been out in the garden again. I am trying to stay away from the known bad spots. Huge isn’t it. This Hibiscus has been on the homestead for over 5 years. This year it has not disappointed. Yes, the flower really is that dark of a red. I did not edit this photo AT ALL!! However, you know that the photo does not do it justice.

I sure hope that you enjoy these little visits to my yard, house and life. I will see you tomorrow with some more fun and interesting inspiration.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula+Poindexter

    I’ve tested out the bench and can attest to how sturdy and comfy it is. Soooo pretty. And in time for your fall decorating!
    The littles needed more space for sure!
    Sooo cute!

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