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Chickens Kitties Shopping and Gardening phew.

Chickens Kitties Shopping and Gardening

The chicks have been out for weeks. They have been separated by that screen. I have been slowly letting the big girls see and check out the littles. I am soo excited to see all the newbies get to roam the whole pen area. There are 10 newbies and they will be roaming soon. The one I am holding is one of the newbies. She is soo pretty. Although this week has Chickens Kitties Shopping and Gardening to share!!

Ohhh these kittens. What can you say, awwww soo cute, right?? Violet has become an official Princess. Even Cuddles lost her bed on the cedar chest. They sure have been getting big. Now they three of them do not fit on this scratcher lounger. Henry was unhappy with me on the far right picture because I was outside without him.

This week I was able to spend the day with my beautiful friend Paula. Dad I found the perfect marker for Mom’s kitties that are in the Memorial Garden. It is perfect!! I am super excited because it is concrete. To make this find even better it was on sale too!!

So happy that I was able to get the Apple and two Pear trees planted. I was waiting on the two different tree bags. On the left is the taller one. And also a bit of fruit already on this pear tree.

The one apple also has fruit on it. Woo Hoo!!

I started before the Tornado sirens went off on Sunday, to clean up this flower bed. I have been doing a bit of planning for this bed. It will eventually all wrap around all the way to that HUGE oak tree in the background. Yes, there is much clean up to happen first. Plus I would need a TON of mulch to bring all of it together. Soon very soon!!

tornado sirens, whispers in ink

So yes, the kitties and I went down to the basement and trust me when I say that herding cats is NOT fun!! Mainly Penelope and Mr. B are the ones that cause the most trouble. UGGHH!! We were downstairs for almost an hour. However, I could also hear the hail on the bulkhead doors. Thankfully there was no damage here.

Join me again next week to get more that is going on around here.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

paper Pumpkin


  • Paula Poindexter

    The littles are growing up! Both Chicks and Kitties!
    I enjoyed our afternoon of shopping and chatting! Very relaxing and was much needed!
    Can’t wait to see the Bird statue in your garden! I’m sure it will be a nice addition!
    And fruit trees are aways a good thing! Apple Jam???
    Hugs my Friend!

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