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Chickens, gardens, trees, more garden, fire pits and water.

Well, let me start by saying Joe came home from midnights on Wednesday morning full of energy. Determined not to waste a beautiful sunny day. Off to the races he began. Starting with the chicken coop. What am I talking about, well, lets just say that all the “fertilizer” was creating an issue with drainage. And doing it by hand with a shovel was just too big for either or both of us. Off came the side of the pen enclosure, in came the tractor. Now, there is a nice pile of “fertilizer” to spread around the trees. The small area is left, but the rain needs to quit to get that done.

Yes, with a shovel, UUGGHH.

Feeding off of his energy, I was off to cut up the potatoes. After coffee of course!! This and several others now have been planted to make 3 rows of potatoes in our “little” but BIG garden.

Thursday brought rain, however being truly Joe… it was the perfect day to straighten the poor Cortland Apple tree. We have talked about this since last summer and then again in March. What do I mean. With each passing season the tree leans just a little bit more. When I planted it I think I planted it too close to the edge of the hill. Between last years apples and the tree growth it was worse then the leaning Tower of Pisa.

It had rained a little in the morning, but a break in the weather was really the perfect time! Joe was careful, about where to use that loader. Yes, I added some black dirt and a little “fertilizer. It is now the straightest tree in the yard, hahaha

Dad, I know you are chuckling!!

Back to the garden….

The photo on the left is Potatoes, red and russet. The “trash” cans are sweet potatoes. The two straw lined rows are onions; red, yellow and Vidalia.

The photo on the right…. celery, Beefsteak, Roma, German and Cherokee Tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, watermelons, musk melons, cantaloupes, and zucchini. Phew…

There is room left so carrots, cucumbers, acorn squash and pumpkins still to go. And this is just the big garden. The small one has grapes and my poor asparagus were hit with the frost. The rest of that garden is going to get a rest. I will be using black trash bags to cover it and kill off the crazy wierd stuff that is growing in there. No idea what it is, but it won’t last too long!

Saturday was also about shenanigans.

Cooked some “Tube Steaks” (hot dogs) as my Dad calls them, on the fire for lunch and then popcorn… ohhh YEAH!! And of course everyone does electrical work when it is dark out!! We now have fire pit lights. It sure was a nice way to end the day. Ohh, did I mention that there were over 72 plants, planted in the garden??

Ohh yes, it was rough getting outta bed on Sunday!!

This was my view while working on this post for you guys today.

Take a deep breath!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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