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Chickens Flowers and Mother’s Day breakfast.

Chickens Flowers and Mother's Day

Chickens Flowers and Mother’s Day

This week on the homestead, Chickens Flowers and Mother’s Day breakfast. It really has been too long since we have talked chickens, right?? These girls are now all getting along, as you see here they are loving all the weeds that I pulled on Saturday and today. All the green grass and bugs are always a treat. There are new and old ones (chickens) all mixed up in this photo.

On the left is the only Rooster in the coop right now. He was from last years hatch out. He is from Jazz and the black Silkie that I had in the coop. Both are now gone, but I see more Frizzles soon. Lulu is really enjoying be the boss of the coop. There is one that has been in the coop longer, however she is just not up for the job. Lulu has really straightened out a few of the girl’s. Do not ask me what was going on but they will not mess with her!!

Finally, a few of the newer girls in the photo on the right. There are Polish, Americana and the Brownie. All which are laying. These are from last years group. In this same photo is the butt feather from one of the latest ones.

You guys know that I have SEVERAL Irises. Most of them are from my dad. This one on the left is one of those. It will soon have a beautiful dark purple (gorgeous grape) color. This one is from around the maple tree close to the lamp posts in the back yard. I am looking forward to those filling in and I will not have to worry about weeding or cutting grass round these trees. The second photo is my one and only primrose from last year. I could not remember the color. This one will have a new friend that I found while flower shopping with Mom and Dad. The new one will be…

Guess what color??

You can guess, really. I have been slowly working on the weeds. I have four trees rounds and two smaller beds pretty cleaned out. Sure am looking forward to getting them all cleaned out. There is a plan in my head about what to do to keep them mostly clear. Fingers crossed!!

Hamscher Homestead

Yes, Joe and I made a HUGE dent in this delicious coffee cake. Unfortunately, I had to make it, but it was pretty darn good anyway!!

The day was rainy here, but that was okay. I watched chick flicks and drank coffee almost all day. Really the only thing that could have made it any better was if Trevor came to visit. However, I did get to chat with him. So that will do.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Hamscher Homestead

Cuddles wanted me to share that she had a nice Mother’s Day too!

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