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Chickens Cuteness and Ohh Flowers galore!!

Chickens Cuteness and Ohh Flowers

What a week. So much to get started but where to begin. This week on the Homestead all about Chickens Cuteness and Ohh Flowers galore. Starting of course with the Chicks. All 10 of these little cuties when outside. Do not worry they are separated from the big girls. I have to say though I always see a huge growth spurt after a couple days of sunshine. These guys are following suit. All those little feathered feet running around it is soo funny!!

I am also happy to share that there are two roosters in this group!! WoooHooo fingers crossed that they get along. I would like to keep them both! If you enlarge this above photo you can see combs on the one in the very back.

Ohh now to the cuteness. These three little munchkins are bring smiles to all that enter. They are really getting adventurous. Saturday the Tabby joined me for my live. It was sitting on my foot. They all run to greet you when you talk to them. I had to pull the potty box out because they are following mom and Junior to the food dishes.

Soo much happiness!!

Lastly, this week. I finally got to start working in the flower beds. I promised the kitties that I would start with them this year. So the first bed was the Memorial garden. I almost got it done on Sunday. But check out all the pretties around the yard from this week. It is going to be a wonderful year!!

Today, Joe and I went to get bagged compost to cover the gardens with when I get all the weeds pulled. Fingers crossed that that not only helps me keep the weeks away, but also gets loads of nutrients into the soil.

What did you do this week??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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