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    Sign up for Coloring Class, with lots of goodies!

    Sign up for Coloring Class Here is all the information that you need to know… Join me In Person on Saturday June 25 or online on Wednesday June 29. Here is what you are going to get…$503- Stampin’ Blend sets (you pick your colors)1- Blending Brush2- Daubers1/2 pack DSP Or $40Assort pack #2 Watercolor Pencils1- Blending Pen1- Blending Brush2- Daubers1/2 pack DSP AND you will get supplies for 3 cards and a project. I will add that snacks and SHENANIGANS are always involved! Maybe even my famous Muffin Cookies! Questions, please let me know! Payment can be made via PayPal, Zelle and Venmo all made to Whispersinink@yahoo.com. Direct your questions…

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    Girls Night Laughs and Smiles, plus shenanigans.

    Girls Night Laughs and Smiles Have you wondered? Well, I can say Girls Night Laughs and Smiles but always Shenanigans too. Some basic information first… on Girls Night we always make cards, we always make Birthday cards. This is an online AND in person. This class is either available with a product purchase of $25 or by a flat fee of $15. NOW… on to the smiles… I would say that these girls were having some fun! I am sure that the muffin cookies were helpful, but! I would say that the cards were fun too. How about the shenanigans… Leave it to Sherri to supply some fun and shenanigans…

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    February Paper Pumpkin peek and more…

    February Paper Pumpkin peek This is the February Paper Pumpkin peek. In case you have not yet seen it. Here is inside information there are nine cards. Three different designs and of course all the goodies! Ink, stamps and oodles more I am sure. I would love for you to join me with all the Paper Pumpkin fun! This crafty subscription box is just what the doctor ordered to get you out of the winter hoohumm’s. This box is also a great way to start a new hobby! Do you know someone that needs a hobby? Or maybe to start up one again? Yes, I can help you with this…

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    Christine’s ‘You are Amazing’, thank you gift!

    Christine’s ‘You are Amazing’ A gift to Christine’s ‘You are Amazing’ as a Thank You for her support. I knew that I was making this for her when I made it! If you missed the live it was December 30 over on facebook. It was kinda a surprise ‘It started with…’ class. Yes, I grabbed this little frame at Dollar tree. Yes, I took the guts out. Now to make it pretty! Using my new favorite suite called Heart and Home from the 2022 Jan-June Mini. The designer series paper, Heart & Home with all that wood grain. However the die cut word are from the Amazing Thanks also from…

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    Only a day or three Left for both these things..

    Only a day or three Left There is only a day or three left of these two possibilities! The above Paper Pumpkin is all about the ❤️ LOVE ❤️! No it is not just for Valentine’s Day. It will cover ALL things love.. weddings, anniversaries and more. Monday is the last day. Sign up TODAY! Next is the Paper Share. All those beautiful patterned papers can be yours in a “trail size”. YEAH, that is a great way to put it. You get all the goodies just a small scale size. Get ALL the information in this post. You will not want to miss out! Tuesday is the last day!…

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    Day two of Eye surgery, a day of rest for me!

    Day two of Eye surgery Here I am modeling for Day two of Eye surgery. Guys it has been a super busy weekend with not much rest. So today, well tonight and part of tomorrow is going t be just that…. Restful! Join me tomorrow for my regular homestead post and some fun ideas to follow. I know you are planning for thanksgiving as am I. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Winter prep Chickens and Snoopervising this week

    Winter Prep Chickens and Snoopervising This last week was Winter prep Chickens and Snoopervising of course. The above image is for sure what we are getting ready for, Snow. Knowing that it was coming there were several things that needed to be done. Starting with the chicken coop. Trust me it was a mess. A whole loader full of chicken fertilizer. And fertilizer needs to be spread around. I typically start with the evergreens and go from there. Ending of course in the veggie garden. Then moving on to adding clean sand and pine shavings. Remembering the struggles I had last winter with the pen door that too needed some…

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    Pillow Gifts from my Michigan Trip.

    Pillow Gifts from my Michigan Trip. You guys know I love giving things to my friends, including Pillow Gifts from my Michigan Trip. I had two roomies, so I could no resist giving these super cute “bags”. These were originally made in Mystery Card Night back in September. That one however had handles. This one I left them off. Each one was made in a color that I knew they would love. Misty Moonlight Cardstock. This one was for Karissa, she loves blue. Remember we made those post it note holders in a Wednesday night class. There was some soap, hand sanitizer and of course candies in each of the…

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    20 years and I will ALWAYS remember this day.

    20 Years and I will.. Yes, I will always remember where I was and how horrifying it all was. My flag has been up ever since. I feel that is the least I can do to show support for not only first responders, the military, their families and those that made the ULTIMATE sacrifice for me! September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten by me or those that I love. I will talk of it for the rest of my life. That is how I can honor all 2,977 lives. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty! May God Bless The USA.

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    New Kit Christmas Whimsy, available Wednesday!

    New Kit Christmas Whimsy Oh, yes, I new kit Christmas Whimsy is available starting TODAY. I will be putting in an order today if you wish to add a kit. Contact me and I will add to my order! This could be something you bring to my World Cardmaking Day event on October 2. Yes, that day is ALL about kits! It could be Paper Pumpkin, any kit collection or an old cardmaking kit that you have not done yet. There will be plenty of shenanigans that day! I would love for you to join me. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Kindness truly is the richest gift you can give.

    Kindness truly is the richest gift. Not only is kindness truly is the richest gift, it is FREE. It does not cost you anything. It actually is easy to give too. Remember to smile each and every day. That kindness not only helps someone else, but also you. How?? Think how a smile is contagious. It is! Right?? Okay, how is that kindness? Well, no one knows what is going on with a person. Internal struggles, sadness or insecurities. You never know. The smile is simple and easy kindness. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!

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    It Started With… Class. Will you be joining us?

    It Started With… Class I know that you love the It Started With… Class online. Here is one that is in person and online. We will be doing 4 projects for $30. All supplies are included. Saturday, August 28 for the in person event. The online event will be Wednesday, September 1 at 6:30 central time. Need more information, contact me! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    How about this perspective? I was needing this too!

    How about this perspective? I know there are times that I wonder, How about this perspective?? This really is the definition of it is not all about you. I am NOT meaning this harshly! Please know that! I mean this as a way for me and maybe you, to “get out of your own way”. We all want to make a difference! I know I sure do! However, each day there is a little thing we can do for someone. Bringing to full circle what I talked about on Wednesday live class. We need to Smile! Why? Because it starts with us, and it really does make it way around.…

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    Visits Presents fluffy and a Car all on the homestead.

    Visits Presents fluffy and a car. As always a lot going on with visits presents fluffy and a car?? All this in just one week… see lots going on. Starting off with a visit from my parents. I really had a lot of fun with Mom going flower shopping. Dad too of course! Wink wink. This HUGE stack is all from Joe. Can you believe all the presents?!? Do not look too closely at the wrapping paper though… haha made you look! Keep in mind Joe’s sassy humor! Here is what was in those boxes. All these lanterns for outside! I am soo excited! Girls fire pit night is getting…

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    2021 Annual Specialty Paper Share information

    2021 Annual Specialty Paper We all love papers, including the 2021 Annual Specialty Paper. There are three new EXCITING ones. However, did you miss out on the carry over ones. Take a look at all the possibilities… Ombré Shimmer Vellum Metallic Paper This small group will get you 16 6 x 6 pieces. Cost $8.00 per share. If you have not seen these items… ohh they are AMAZING. Keep in mind that these papers are going to be around for a whole year! Did I mention that some of the new 2021-2023 In-Colors are featured ?? Okay, I have another option for you…. there are 6 returning Specialty Papers. Some…

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    Information on Coloring Class, when where and how much.

    Information on Coloring Class I know you are wanting all the Information on Coloring Class. This will be an online AND in person event. The online class will be April 14 and in person is March 26. In person will be $46. This includes 1/2 pack of DSP, 3 sets of Stampin’ Blends and 1 Blending Brush. Online is the same put shipping is extra. You can also step up the kit to include a full pack of DSP AND a full pack of Blending Brushes ($63. shipping extra). We will go through several ideas. I promise I will make it easier and that you can be BRAVE. The best…

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    Mystery Card Night started today.

    Mystery Card Night started I am excited about Mystery Card Night started dropping clues on Wednesday. Are you brave enough to join us? Join us over in the Mystery Card Night and Game Night Facebook group. How do join us? Join the group. What supplies do you need? Grab supplies you already have in your stash. When does the real fun start? Friday, February 12 at 7pm central time. I look forward to seeing you on Friday night. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    2021 Plot just part… Sunday Funnies.

    2021 Plot just part… Ohh, come on I am not the only one, 2021 Plot just part.. It would be good to know right?? Not only because of the extra Craft supplies, but jeans or pajama pants?? I sure hope you know that I am only half kidding. Are you in need of another Sunday Funny? Check here. Ohh, in case you did not know, the shoes are a must. I do love me some shoes. Happy Sunday everyone!! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! I would love to have you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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    Merry Christmas from US! Joe and I critters too!

    Merry Christmas from US. Joe, the critters plus myself want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from us! We enjoyed a pretty lazy day. Joe cooked ham and I made sweet potatoes, garlic mashed, green beans and rolls. Cookies… Is how we started the day! Ohh yes, cookies and coffee! Cranberry bars, peanut blossoms, Christmas crack (no photo) and Chex krispies. Add in several cups of coffee… ohh YES! The day has been pretty lazy. Chilling by the fire and doing video gift opening with the nieces and nephews. Even the kitties are chilling. Sleeping and even snoring. Christmas Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!