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Butterfly Weeds Summer on the Homestead

Butterfly Weeds Summer on the Homestead

Thankful for the rain however, still having to water new plants. However, Butterfly Weeds Summer on the Homestead is soo much more. I was able to finally pull some more weeds in the Memorial Garden, plant some flowers AND add my American flag. Guys, I know that the flag looks backwards here. BUT wait… it is correct if you are looking from the street.

Which way would you have put it??

I actually struggled with this… Because I look at it from the house, right?? The craft room, porch and inner driveway.

You know how I feel about butterflies… No they are not bugs to me. They are amazing pollinators but so much more. The one on the left stopped by before a live and was snacking on a bit of kitty food kibble. The other was very satisfied by the nectar of one of my coneflowers. Yes, this is one of the reasons that I love this flower! Note, however that if I were to take this photo today… there would be NO weeds in the picture.

I will leave you with a sleeping Wayne. He was soo exhausted from running and playing that he fell asleep in my paper drawer. Yes, I was using it and OF course I needed pieces from inside.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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