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Working and Bulbs are out

Having an early appointment for the truck means you bring your work with you. It also means a chance to get your first Paczki of the year. No shocker that it also includes my favorite beverage!

I did actually get some work done, not as much as I wanted because the oil change and all that only took 2 hours. Which is good, but I had planned for longer. Plus “working” where you used to work, lets just say there were several distractions. But distractions can be fun!!

Here is what I am excited about though, the color is weird because of the plant light, but there are daffodil bulbs that I hope to bring to mom in a few weeks. Have you forced bulbs before??

It has been several years for me, so here we go… updates along the way!

Back to the craft room tomorrow and fingers crossed the weather cooperates or this week’s card class will also be cancelled. Always makes me sad.

Still fingers crossed. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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