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Bugs Kitties and LOTS of Flowers this week.

Bug in the wildflower patch

Bugs Kitties and LOTS of Flowers

Our first bug is a Bee, a huge bumblebee actually. I love seeing them buzzz around all the flowers. This one was found in the wildflower patch out front. This week I have soo much to share that I had to do a photo collage so that you could see all the Bugs Kitties and LOTS of Flowers.

Butterfly bug or no??

Paula tells me that butterflies are bugs. However, I beg to differ. I feel they are in a class all their own. What do you think?? This one is very happy on a little bit of clover. It was out on the extension property. So glad that I was able to capture the photo!! (Two tries only!)

Here are your kitties…

Mr Gorilla Cookies trying to stay cool on a toasty day. The poor thing was soo hot. He would go back and forth between the rug and the concrete. However, Butterfly has a thing for laying on my sandals. You see I slip my sandals off while I put my feet up on the couch. And that is where I find her 8 out of 10 times. No idea why, protecting me?? Maybe she wants to be sure to see where I go when I get up. NO IDEA!! What do you think?? I can say that she is the only kitty that I have had that does this.

LOTS of flowers

See what I mean about the ‘flowers’. This is not even all of them. There are peonies, iris, alliums, hydrangeas, wigelia, daisies, wild roses, begonias and hostas. PHEW, plus soo many others to plant and find. Ohhh with all these weeds I sure hope that I can find them all!! Did I tell you that I still have veggies yet to go in the garden yet?? Uugghh soo much to do!!

I sure hope that you had a great week!!

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