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Buds Bulbs and a Kitty Door this week.

Buds Bulbs and a Kitty Door

Holy Cow, right?? This week I have Buds Bulbs and a Kitty Door this week. This is one of the Apple Trees. I am very worried. Fingers crossed that the Tree Frogs and Birds are right. Meaning that it is going to stay warm enough for these buds/blooms. I found several trees ready to pop. Very similar to this one. Also found this one…

Remember me talking about planting three bushes on Christmas?? This Pussy Willow is one of those. Apparently it is still happy. Thankful for that!! There is a second one and it also has a few “flowers”. I will also tell you that the Forsythia bush is also loaded. I can not way to see these all in bloom!!

Here are a few of the new Daffodil Bulbs. These are from the fall planting. I can see from the kitchen slider that the ones from two years ago are going CRAZY, out back also. Fingers crossed that I do not miss all these beauties blooming. I know that I will be gone for only 5 days, BUT!!

Here is what I mean by a kitty door. Butterfly, is not cooperating here. I am trying to get projects done. However, she is DEMANDING my attention. Yes, I did pet her, but apparently not long enough. She was back quickly. I do not know what they will do this next week. I am sure there will be something.

Coming Soon!!


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