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Bricks Flowers Tea and Butterfly fun

Moving bricks

Bricks Flowers Tea and Butterfly

There are a ton of bricks. Although some are in current use. These however are not, anymore. This week on the Homestead its all about Bricks Flowers Tea and Butterfly fun with a friend. Dad, do you know where the bricks are from?? Yes, you should you supervised.

Joe and I have been debating on whether to remove them or not. And yes, I have a couple ideas on where these are going instead. You know that I will share when these things are started. Stay tuned!!

I started in on the weeds this last weekend. However, I needed to stop and check out the flowers. Dang all these Daffodils and Tulips are AMAZING! They have been blooming in waves. The back forty tree line was first. Than the Memorial garden. Now the rest are truly GOING for IT!! I have to say that the kitchen flower bed is my favorite. Joe has REALLY been enjoying all the colors too. Thankfully too because now I can order more int he fall!! Wahoo!

Ohhh, but wait there is MORE!!

The Creeping Phlox and Daffodil mix on the firsts one is my favorite! Joe’s too. This is on the hill in the area that I am now calling the park. There are several pockets of Phlox there, lavender, white and pink. I hope to have more to add thanks to a friend. She is thinning hers again and likes to share.

Now, let’s talk trees. The two Redbuds are blooming now. As of the time I took this photo. They were thinking about it. The three apple trees are thinking about it too. The maples have helicopters and the buds are swelling on the oak trees. The corkscrew willow down by the pond is already green.

Nancy surprised to on Friday and took me to the Fredrick Meijers Garden. They had this amazing butterfly exhibit. We were surrounded by butterflies. Soo many that I have NEVER seen before. This includes the one that is in the photo with Nancy. It is a Blue Morpho butterfly. Guys is a that amazing Blue and Black on the top of its wings. However the underside is Brown. Sooo, unusual and cool at the same time. We hoped that one would land on either of us, sadly it did not happen.

Thank You Nancy for the early birthday adventure. Soo much fun!!

Lastly, I was able to make the first suntea of the season and found an earthworm in the kitchen flower bed. All this while pulling weeds.

Are you wanting to see what is inside the new annual catalog? Well, let me know so that you can get yours, ASAP!!


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