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Birds Eggs and Kitty shenanigans here this week.

Birds Eggs and Kitty shenanigans

Birds Eggs and Kitty shenanigans

The Cardinals are here to say hello from the Birds Eggs and Kitty shenanigans. We have several pairs of these amazing birds. I really love when they come to visit. Donnie especially loves it. He was at the window when I took this photo. I tried to get his ears in the photo. However he did not want to be involved.

Birds Eggs and Kitty shenanigans

It has been a bit quiet out here at the coop. I was very happy to see all the beauties the other day. I did figure out why. The light out at the coop has been out. Joe advised that it was not a quick fix. I know that he will take a look at it later this week. Thank you sweetie!!

Joe helped Junior find his favorite new toy. This poor little stuffed squirrel was in the bottom of the cat toy bucket. Joe of course stuffed it with some catnip. He has been playing and loving on it for several days now. I especially love the second photo., Mr Bigglesworth decided to join us in the craft room. Two sleeping boys. Junior laying on this squirrel and Mr Bigglesworth on the chair by the window. I hope that they become friends again.

Birds Eggs and Kitty shenanigans

This little cutie stopped by to say hello the other day. She has been here before. Mama, is one of Cuddles babies. She still lives at the neighbors house. She was looking for Mr Gorilla Cookies.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula Poindexter

    Ohhhhh those eggs are so pretty!
    And am so happy to see the Cardinals out back.
    Your kitties are always a good source of entertainment.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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