Hamscher Homestead

Baby Party Plants and Weeds for the Homestead.

Baby Part Plants and Weeds

Baby Party Plants and Weeds

Busy weekend with Baby Party Plants and weeds to fill it all. Here are Parker (L) and Coralyn (R), Ward was sleeping. They turned one in just the last couple weeks. You know it is tough getting 20 people together. Just Saying. These two little cuties were elbow deep in those cakes before you know it!! I did giggle when Coralyn would shake her hand to get some of the frosting off.

Hamscher Homestead

Every trip to Illinois calls for a photo op with Mom. She enjoyed seeing everyone having fun. Which is super important. She always like hugs and that is what I am all about too. We sang Happy Birthday and laughed at all the kids running around.

Hamscher Homestead

And look what the cat dragged in. I was happy to see Trevor. Yes, Trevor. My son the P.I.T.A. was there. I was advised that I he needed help with some ideas for his house. So after the party I stopped by and gave him a few new ideas. It was fun and I did get lucky. How?? Because he fixed my window on the truck. The grease streak down the drivers window is GONE!! wooo HOOO!!

Baby Party Plants and Weeds

Earlier this week I stopped at one of my favorite greenhouses. You know the one, it has all of the beautiful $1 perennials. Ohhh, YES!! I am very serious. I was able to get two plats 18 plants. Each just $1. Now there are a few that I paid more for, that is however because they are newer varieties. I can not wait to get them all planted.

But first there are WEEDS. uugghh

I started working on weeds last weekend. Found that most of my irises came back. I planted them around the maple trees in the back last year. Started working on the smaller flower bed off the kitchen window.

Just need to dive in. Get your hands dirty and do it. Found all the bricks pulled the weeds and planted a few plants. Because we live on complete sand every plant needs more dirt and lots of water!! The bench was in my room but is not longer safe to sit on so … repurposed to the garden. What do you think?? Want to see the whole thing??

baby party plants and weeds

I am super happy with it. The lanterns look great. I even added a piece of oak from the back forty to have an added place to put a little planter. What is not pictured is that I added oranges to the post there on the right. it has a “dish” screwed to the top. Fingers crossed the orioles find it. Only 5 beds to go. Two are off the front walk. I think those need to be next. Wanna help??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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