Paper Pumpkin

April Paper Pumpkin peek is so very exciting!

April Paper Pumpkin Peek

April Paper Pumpkin peek

Can you hear me squeal?? April Paper Pumpkin peek has my name all over it!! I can not wait to get my box. This one is going to be awesome!! Our Beyond the Horizons boxes are on their way. Yes, we will have fun with that one. However, I am looking way ahead to this box. Tell me what else do you think will be inside this box besides butterflies?? Curiosity is killing me really!! I will admit that the cocoon is pretty dang cool. Do you think that we will get a few of those branches too??

Here is all that I know so far… Nine cards and even a fun fold?? Could all be fun folds. I am not completely positive. You can bet for sure that I will come up with some fun alternatives, PLUS we will have some fun along the way!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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