Hamscher Homestead

Apples, new growth and more coffee please

Apples… on the homestead we have several fruit trees, seven I think, but only two have fruit. Big Bummer, but better then none! The Cortland and the Red Delicious. The Red Delicious has been on the Homestead since I arrived, the Cortland is 3-4 years old. Both gave us fruit last year as well. The Cortland this year has several apples, compared to last years 3. The Red Delicious gave us a half tub full and several jars of apple jelly.

So have you checked the growth on your trees? All of this photo is new growth for this pine tree. Everything is growing like crazy!! We have trees that have almost doubled in size. It is shocking to me… WOW!!

I will leave you with this note…. I could sip my coffee in this cup.

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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