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Another weeding week and Visitors on the Homestead

Another weeding week and Visitors

Another weeding week and Visitors

A little catch up and Another weeding week and Visitors. Remember I wanted to keep up with those pesky weeds. Well we had fun over on Facebook. I had them time me to see how long it would take to get this bed cleaned back out. After 45 minutes and then the 30 that I added prior this side was all cleaned out. Now moving on to the other side.

Another weeding week and Visitors

So this one was a much quicker job. 30 minutes to tell you the truth. However, it was only a small section but all around where the newest flowers where planted. Dontcha love those Milkweeds. My butterflies are super happy these day. With not having very many flowers I hope the milkweed makes up for it!!

I needed to head back to the Memorial Garden. I promised that I would. And I am still working on it. Going back to the beginning to remove more of the grass. My goal was to make my way around to AT LEAST the oak tree.


Yes, I sure did make it plus. I was happy because I found a few kitty markers. I also found that one of the markers need a little repair work. No worries, Joe is off and will help me with that.

Ohh yes I did. I found new Oliver Egg laying Hens. So you know I had too!! Plus the two “yellowish” ones, fingers crossed, are Silkies. Feather were already on the feet so I think we have winners!! However, Clyde was not so sure what these things were. I was really worried that he was going to try and have a snack. I will keep you posted.

Hamscher Homestead

Mom and I are enjoying the late night visit. I hate to admit that I was super excited to have them stay!! I know Dad was stressed about it. I promise I did not do anything to the car to have it break down. I will take advantage of the visit though. Enjoying EVERY minute of it!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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