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Another October week on the Homestead

Another October week on the Homestead

Here we are another October week on the Homestead. It was a good haul in the egg department. The girls have been laying all kinds of beautiful colored eggs. There are dark brown, medium brown light brown, white, green and one blue.

Here in Northern Indiana the temperatures have started to drop. So there are a few succulents that needed to come inside. However, that was not all. The two hibiscus trees too. Thankfully the plant lights were ready to be turned on with a quick tap on the app.

Next up is..

I added to my succulents this year. Which means more plants to bring inside. I used to put them on the kitchen sink window sill. Yup, now I need more space. Solution is in the works… I will be sure to share as soon as it is finished.

Plants need sunlight. The windows were a MESS. Holy Cow, it always surprises me how much brighter the room gets once you clean the windows. Here is to a brighter day tomorrow.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Time is running out… join us This is just a peek at what we are going to get for the November kit.


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