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And the winner is…

Well, I am the winner, because I got to meet so many nice folks today! Funny how you can laugh and talk with so many different people all in one little spot, all needing some crafty fun! Or just realizing how close a break could be!

Here was my spot for the 3 hour event. A ton of stuff crammed into this 6 foot section! Here is what I could provide for you!! A special card for someone that needed a smile, a fun cute gift that was VERY affordable, information on a crafty club, my next class time and best of all a happy smile.

Thank you to those that stopped by today!!

I do hope that your purchases will bring smiles to those that are going to receive them and the joy that you get seeing that smile!

There is a second winner though…

Do you know Paula Voss??

Congratulate here on a fun prize and I look forward to sharing this box with her. Hope to see you soon!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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