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And snow

The snow that we received this weekend was not as plentiful as they had originally forecast. Sure is a great way to enjoy your morning coffee, right?? The hubby and I went for a walk Saturday while it was snowing… it was pretty amazing. I am thankful that he has plowed a path for our walks. This makes the “hike” much more pleasant.

The second photo was one that I sent to my dad… he always sends me a text message to find out how much snow we have gotten.. I figure a photo is the best measure. haha. Had to lock the chickens in the coop overnight last night and will also tonight. Just to cold for the small door to be left open. The heated water dish was put in yesterday and the food dish filled too. Need to keep those girls safe and toasty.

Thanks for joining me on the homestead today.

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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