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All the Homestead Green and a Kitty this week.

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All the Homestead Green and a Kitty

With the days getting longer, the girls are starting to lay a bit more. All the Homestead Green and a Kitty will tell you a bit of what is going on here at my house. We have several chickens here on the homestead. To say we get an assortment of eggs is an understatement. Brown, blue, green and white. Yes, there are several different shades of those colors too. I say there is nothing like a fresh egg. YUMMMM!!

When it is nice and sunny Joe and I love to walk the yard. Especially this year. Those 1050 bulbs are going to put on a great show. As you can see here there are more and more sprout. Both of these are different varieties of daffodil. There were so many sprouts we had to watch where we were stepping. So very soon there will be loads of flowers!!

I have planted a bunch of “croms” think bulbs. They are soon going to be amazing multi petal flowers. I did a short video on facebook about these about 2 weeks ago. There is more and more green every day. Joe helped me set up this new lighting system. They are so much happier now. Thank you sweetie!!

Lastly, Penelope decided she was going to try out Donnie’s box. She said she was going to vacuum it out. Donnie was not very happy about that. She is not allowed to visit anymore, per him.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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