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All the Christmas Festivities, baking and family.

All the Christmas Festivities

All the Christmas Festivities

I know with All the Christmas Festivities we have all had, it is time to relax. Well for a minute anyway. Today’s post is all about the last few days. I am super excited to say that Trevor and Bee were able to join us this year. It has been a few years since he has been out to the homestead. There was tons of prep work to do like…

Grandma Ward’s Christmas Cookies

Baking of course. This is a family tradition. My mom’s mom made these EVERY year. She even gave them as gifts to friends and family. They really do bring back amazing memories. Right, down to the plastic plate that she would bring wrapped in foil. It took several years to figure out. My sister and I know that they are not exactly the same, but we know why. Grandma used to use bacon fat in her oil. Ohhh, yeah, they are FRIED!! Can I just add that they are the mostest perfect cookies with morning coffee. YUMMMMMM

Santa is coming to the homestead.

Donnie decided that he is not only a demonstrator but a snoopervisor in training. Ohhh, and an elf. He literally was helping me wrap gifts. Joe’s gift actually. I was so thankful for his assistance, NOT!! Anyway, Joe loved all this gifts. Which is not always easy. Santa brought him a new wet/dry vac, because it was something that he would not purchase for himself. As you can see there were lots of other little things too.

Lastly, I am sad to say that due to weather I was not able to spend my day with Mom. It was her birthday today. Mom, I am sorry, We love you and will see you VERY soon!!

Birthday Hugs to Mom and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Jan-June 2022 Mini catalog

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