Craft Room

All squeaky clean for Girl’s Night!

Lots of Prep work!!

Soo much to do… Busy day!! I wanted to jump for joy today.. Friday it is finally here!! WoooHoooo! The first “in person” class since March 21! Too many days to count! And dare I say we all NEEDED it! I wanted to be sure that my guests felt comfortable. I want them to come back and bring friends too.

Come and join us in August for the next Girl’s Night! We have so much fun and it is really a super chill kinda night! This is really one of my favorite events each month. We always make birthday cards! We always laugh! I make popcorn and sometimes even a pizza. This is a great way to start the month, properly!! You can even stay and chat .

The table, chairs and door handles where not the only thing that got a cleaning. Took all our blocks to get a wash down. When was the last time you washed your blocks?? I usually do every week-ish, but with me being the only one in the craft room … I did get a little laxed. No more though… with the BOGO sale coming up, and Bingo… (clapping!!) I sure hope that we can hang out and have more fun!!

Kept it small like I promised. Everyone checked out the baby chicks. Enjoyed a treat. Made some cards and even had a delicious beverage. Ohh, I feel better already… are you joining us next time?? I sure hope so!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

so darn yummy!!

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