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All about the Snow on the Homestead this week.

All about the Snow

All about the Snow

This week is All about the Snow. No matter is you love it or hate it. That is what this one is all about. Why?? Because I love it!! Especially fun photos like this. The wind was blowing. The flag was swaying but the snow did not give up. Hummm, maybe that is a sign?? It does look cool, RIGHT??

All about the Snow

I am super excited to share that there is one more bud popping up. This is one of the last of the original 4 that I planted. This one ended up being Pink and White. When I ordered these, it was a mix. Meaning I had no clue what colors I was going to get. Here is how they ended up… Two pink and white, one solid red, one red and white AND mostly pink. All bloomed with two of them having two stalks.

Okay, So Joe was trying to get to the back yard and the tractor slid down the side of the hill. It sat until Sunday. Thankful for the warmer day and slightly melted ice. I am grateful that he was able to get it out and finish up the driveway. I want to add, Joe had several plans to get the tractor out. However he only needed plan A. It took a bit of patience but it worked!! I am thankful also that he did not go into the pond.

Even with all this crazy WONDERFUL snow, these girls have been laying all kinds of eggs. Check out that clutch of eggs. All from one day!! So in the last week the count has ranged from 7 – 14 eggs. For this time of year that is AMAZING!! So if you are local and like fresh eggs. I have some!!

Snow Day

Not much needs to be said, right?? No there were no birds harmed. She was completely exhausted and her and Clyde almost fell asleep in the clean laundry basket. One thing to add is that she does not go out for very long anymore.

Thankful Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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