Craft Room,  Hamscher Homestead

All about the kitties…

Mooch would say the best part of this last week was that the windows where open. I would agree, a beautiful breeze and sunshine helps the mood for sure! Here is Mooch taking in some rays old man style!!

White Sox would agree with Mooch, now. The leaking water fountain was down for “repairs”. However, the parts were ordered and arrived before the weekend. White Sox was grateful.

In conclusion, Miss Penelope, over worked, decided that she needed a rest from her #snoopervisor position. I had to laugh because she is still in the box this evening. Paula, you worked her too hard today!

I wonder what antics will happen this coming week? Reminder: If you have Bonus Days codes to use there are only 4 days left!

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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