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All about the Kittens, plus a little bit of my helper!!

All about the kittens

All about the kittens.

All about the kittens. Yes, these two get a WHOLE post this week. Partly because they have names now and additionally because Logan loves them!! I will say the first two photos are courtesy of Kaitlyn. I about died when I saw these two photos. She did really capture all the cuteness!!

I hear you…. AWWWWW!!!

Soooo, without further ado… Meet Clyde. He likes to stir the pot and pounce on his sister. So much so that Cuddles has to step in. I am telling you it looks like wrestlemania here. No no one get hurt, but still.

All about the kittens

She sure is cute… AWWW!! She will be kinda like her Momma. A girly girl that can kick your butt. My favorite part is that she also is a snuggler. Loves to lay with Mooch and with us. They have decided that they like sleeping with us and the three boys on the bed at night. Of course they need to claw their way up the bed. Yeah I know… but what can you do. It will not last long. They grow soo fast!!

Say hello to Bonnie!!

To say Logan was excited was completely and understatement!! Can you tell by the smiles. He was soo good with them. They got all kinds of attention. When he walked in the Studio with them I knew they would be buddies. Now on to do some work.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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