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Additions to the Homestead

The babies started hatching on Friday-ish (small light brown egg)…. woke up to on almost fluffy chick (black and gray) on Sat morning… two more have cracks (both large brown eggs)… the second was a FB Live, black and brown chick. The last was a struggle… Saturday night still just a crack… You can hear the chick peeping… My hubby decided to keep it motivated with light and vibration of the incubator, after staying up with this poor chick after 1am the third was born (orange chick)… The fourth egg still in the incubator was added I think 7 days behind the others…. We will see what we get on Saturday?? Also, meet LuLu, she is my Frizzle and what a great mom she is… This is only her second video and she is still shy.. Just to make things even more interesting… I added 6 more eggs to the incubator.. hahaha… check out the Whispers In Ink YouTube channel and please subscribe… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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