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A White and Cold Christmas baking and kitties.

A White and Cold Christmas baking

A White and Cold Christmas baking

Here is where we are going to start this week. A White and Cold Christmas baking and sooo much more!! Starting with the “Blizzard” that did not happen. Okay, it was cold and windy. However when I think blizzard I think a TON of snow. Yeah that did not happen. Although we did get enough that I did not have to see brown for Christmas. WoooHOOOO!!

A White and Cold Christmas baking

You guys are familiar with Junior, as the outdoor cat. Well, I want to welcome Junior as the house cat. Yes, Mr Bigglesworth is taking very good care of him as you can see here. Sharing his toys, and favorite spot on the couch. This has been a SUPER long time coming. I want to say over three years.

Here is how this went…

Friday morning, early I woke up hearing a cat meow. Crying actually. I thought I was hearing things until Clyde jumped up on my nightstand. I went out to the foyer and called Junior. He was crying and COLD. Grabbed my coat, and thankfully he finally came to me. I wrapped him in my coat and we went inside. Shivering we went to the couch and that is where we were when Joe woke up after 8. Still wrapped in my coat and a blanket. Thankful all is good and he is safe, warm and has a brother.

A White and Cold Christmas baking

Yes, with all this cold weather and no where to go. Baking was spread over several days. Joe helped you know!! I sure had fun passing out some of the yummy goodies to some neighbors too.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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